We offer a variety of options on the web. With year of experience we can offer you websites with the new trends such as Wordpress but also more static as HTML/CSS. If you want static and animated webpage we suggest that you go with a Adobe Flash webpage.


A lot of the world's websites are produces with a CMS utility such as Wordpress. The Wordpress website has a great advantage of simple updating whilst more complex and expansion of the webpage may be hard for a novice user. Wordpress has great features with implementing Facebook and Twitter and other social network aspects..


This is a little bit more traditional type of webpage, it's mostly static and will in most cases be faster to set up, which means a lower price. It may require some HTML or software knowledge in a HTML editor (such as Adobe Dreamweaver) to update it.

Adobe Flash

If you are looking for an animated website with effects Adobe Flash is your choice! It has the possibility to be easier to update, thanks to XML lists. This type of webpage is time consuming to develope but the results can in leave a great impression to your visitors!

Animated/Interactive web banner (Adobe Flash)

You have probably laid your eyes on one of these banners when surfing the internet. They can be animated and switching message and scenes. This type of banner is more eye-catching than a regular and static banner. If you want to advertise on the web we recommend you using Flash!

Google Adwords

To have websurfers finding your website we will put you on Google Adwords, and you will be put on This is the way that surfers find their information most of the time.